National Accrediation

Hopewell Industries received a 3-year national accreditation.    The survey report recognized that the CARF survey team made recommendations, which signifies that they did not identify any areas of nonconformance to the national standards.  This is an extraordinary accomplishment, as only 3 percent of CARF surveys result in no recommendations.

The CARF survey team recognized many strengths of the organization:

The training program ensures that each individual staff member receives the training he or she needs.  Staff training begins with orientation and continues on throughout the first year of employment.  Training is individualized by job description, and the tracking system shows when the last training was completed and when the next one is due.  Staff members recognize and value the training that they have been given.  Besides the regular training program, there are trainings that occur because of things that have happened either at the organization or elsewhere.  Leadership staff takes every opportunity to emphasize person-centered planning and community integration as a goal.

Hopewell provides services in an individualized manner based upon best practices and regular input from persons served.  The rehabilitation service regime is comprehensive, person centered, and well designed to meet the needs of the persons served.

Hopewell’s services provide real life-changing opportunities to the persons served who need them. 

Staff members provide excellent leadership to the organization.  They all bring to their work a palpable pride and passion, which redounds to the benefit of the persons served.

The advocacy efforts, and especially the self-advocacy group, are remarkably effective in allowing for self-determination in many aspects of the lives of the persons served.